Here are some examples of my work in software documentation and technical writing:

Shutterstock API, SDK, and CLI reference

I originally built this API reference documentation with Widdershins and Shins but later wrote a custom Node.JS and Nunjucks program to generate it with the help of the API development team. It merges handwritten examples and task-based information about using the API with generated examples and endpoint reference from an OpenAPI source file.

By providing clear and thorough information for partners using the Shutterstock API, this reference information reduced the average partner integration time from 3 months to 1.2 months.

Documentation for the Tezos SDK for Unity

This documentation provides the quickest possible route for experienced Unity game developers to use Tezos as their backend. It starts with a quickstart and leads users into task-based tech docs and reference for the SDK objects. I researched and wrote all of the content.

Shutterstock developer portal documentation

This documentation covers many of the same topics as the API reference but is aimed at decision-makers and architects. Along with information about using the API, JavaScript SDK, and CLI, I've added a tutorial and information that helps Shutterstock's enterprise clients allow their employees to access Shutterstock through single sign-on. I didn't build this platform, but I expanded it as the content grew, and I wrote most of the content.

Tutorial: Licensing and downloading images with the Shutterstock free API subscription

This tutorial covers the end-to-end process of searching, licensing, and downloading images with a free API subscription, requiring no credit card or other prerequisites. It covers what the API can be used for, how Shutterstock's partners use it, and how it provides licensed images. The tutorial includes instructions for Postman, cURL, the Shutterstock CLI, and the Shutterstock JavaScript SDK. I researched and wrote all of the content.

Performance characteristics of IBM UrbanCode Deploy

I planned, wrote, and typeset this white paper based on testing data from one of IBM's product development teams. I consulted with the performance testers about what the test results meant and with the customer-facing teams that needed to explain the performance of the product to current and potential customers.

Rollback scenarios in IBM UrbanCode Deploy

This video addresses customer confusion that I learned about from support requests. It demonstrates techniques for reversing problems automatically, and it teaches customers about a common misconception about the product at the same time. I researched, wrote, and recorded the video.

Analysis of support calls showed significantly fewer customer issues in this area after I delivered and promoted the video.